Unwanted follow link on profile page of users


(Jeroen Van Der Mark) #1

Hi found out that the profile page text of users can be stuffed with follow links. This is something that you don’t want for you SEO. The outbound links are not automatically no-followed with the same rules that apply for the content generated on the forum.

So is it possible to include the same rules (no-follow the urls) on the profile page description/bio? :slight_smile:

(Jeff Atwood) #2

First of all, this isn’t correct. Try viewing as an anonymous user. There are also special rules for new users where they are heavily sandboxed. (If you are talking about established users who have been on the site for 3+ years and posted many times, that’s different.)

Second, I would like to bring your attention to the following lines in robots.txt which is default for all Discourse instances:

Disallow: /users/
Disallow: /u/

(Jeroen Van Der Mark) #3

Ah perfect @codinghorror :slight_smile:

Thanks btw for the great platform!

(Jeroen Van Der Mark) #4

This does mean this pages aren’t indexed/scrolled by crawlers?

For example a Moderator (of our website); had a follow link in his summary: FIT-community | FIT.nl

Just to double check: new users can’t get a follow link in their summary?

(Jeff Atwood) #5

Correct all /user/ and /u/ routes are disallowed from indexing by all crawlers in the world.

No links of any kind on the profile page are rendered for new users. Try it yourself if you do not believe me.