Update Activity listing when post edited?

Hi. Is there a way to change the Activity stat for a topic (like on the category page, where it lists topic name, contributions, views, and activity) so that it updates when a topic has been edited? I don’t see it on site settings.

Editing a topic is, after all, “activity”–and until looking into it today I always assumed the activity stat would be updated for edits.

I have a few topics on the site that are general info topics–there’s just a single post, that the admins update regularly. Even though these topics have been updated every day with new info, the “Activity” listing still shows the original topic creation date from a while ago (because the “activity” on the topic has been editing the original post, not new replies). Any way to change things so that “activity” reflects editing activity too?

p.s. Maybe one concern is that you don’t want people to be able to bump their topics to the top of the latest topics list just by making minor edits to them. But that’s a separate issue (at least in theory): I’m just talking about what the activity listing says, not the order in which topics get listed.

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