Activity page doesn't show edits

The activity page of a user doesn’t show which edits a user made.

As someone who frequently edits documentation on discourse, I’m a bit disappointed that my activity page doesn’t really show how active I am.

As examples

There are several discussions about user reputations and collecting additional stats but they don’t generally lead to any changes. Maybe because there’s really not the demand for more stats which are otherwise “meaningless”, as they have been described, e.g. the following plug-in oroposal hasn’t moved far in a year:

If you want user edits to show as reputation then I guess that you could add custom user fields which could be updated by a plug-in or a data query + CSV import to thos fields.

You could run a Data Explorer query similar to this to see post edits:

There are existing Data Explorer reports on post edits - mainly for moderation:

Just FYI, it might be possible to collect edit data from notifications. Youyou can be notified of post edits by tracking of edits in the grace period - separate settings for low- and high-trust users:

And you can be notified of wiki edits by notify_op_wiki_watchers_on_edit setting: