Update deleted the entire forum and started afresh

Today, I was asked to upgrade my discourse forum as it was quite outdated.

Now I have 2 discourse dockers running on my server, with two different yaml files (and a Nginx proxy for each which directs it to the correct domain name)

The discourse I wanted to upgrade had its YML file under containers/applimen.yml where I had given all the forum specific information as per an older documentation

I then gave this command as instructed from the folder which has the launcher script:

git pull
./launcher rebuild applimen

I was surprised to note that the entire forum has been recreated. I do not have any of my old posts. I was asked to start a new account from scratch.

Can you please tell me what i did wrong, and instead what is it that I should have done? I want to upgrade the other discourse that I have. I already lost the data of one discourse. I don’t want to lose the second one.

You’ll need to paste the contents of your yml file. My guess is that when you made your custom yml file you didn’t create a persistent share for your database.

I guess you don’t have backups it if you did, they too existed only inside the container.

You can look in the samples directory for how those should be set up. If your other one is done the same way, you’ll need to go into the container, stop postgres, and copy the files out of the container, or configure S3 backups and make a backup.

Another possible cause is that you did not persist the database settings in app.yml correctly. That would mean that your forum data is still around, it’s just not loading into the forum right now. It’s hard to determine that from here, so you should have someone experienced have a look at it.

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