Need advice on DO droplet upgrade


Need your advice on whether should I upgrade my digital ocean instance

currenly running on 1 cpu 2gb ram and 50gb storage instance

I am thinking of upgrading to 4gb ram

current site traffic - 100K monthly


upgraded to 4gb

Here is the stats
total used free shared buff/cache available
Mem: 3.8Gi 1.3Gi 160Mi 388Mi 2.3Gi 1.8Gi
Swap: 2.0Gi 2.0Mi 2.0Gi

You should run discourse-setup and it will update the memory usage in the app.yml. It will give you a chance to type control-c before it asks all of the configuration questions. Then you can do a rebuild.

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Thanks for the reply

Should I stick with 4gb

Is it necessary to run this setup things

It’s probably not necessary to have 4GB for your size community, though you might benefit from extra swap.

If you resized the RAM and not the disk you can resize back to 2GB.

Thanks for prompt reply sir

yeah only resized cpu and ram not disk

Do I need to run discourse-setup after resizing ??

If you resize the memory, then you should run discourse-setup to adjust the memory settings or read the comments in app.yml and do it by hand.