Upgrade fail, Site down

I did the Docker Manager update and it ran smoothly. Then I did the Discourse update. It froze on something about a “French” thing and said to restart it. I did and it started but after a while it hung up on the French thing. I tried another restart but nothing happened and it defaulted to;

504 Gateway Time-out

Now I can’t access the site.

Any advice?

Try rebuilding:

cd /var/discourse
./launcher rebuild app

Thanks, and where would I go to find instructions on how to do that please?

As you’re a customer is this on a discourse.org hosted site?

If not you will need your SSH credentials.

Yes, I am in bootstrap mode still. launching (finally) at the end of the month.
the site is community.borderlands-books.com
Jay (literate computing) set me up originally.
I think the site is on Digital Ocean.
This looks like an SSH;

Ok, sorry, thought it was requested.

I’m rebuilding your site now. I’ll report back in a few minutes.


Oh, Thank you! What wonderful news

Your site is back up!

I’ll send you an email shortly, but just for the record, what you ordered last June was just the installation service that you ordered from me, not the good folks here at CDCK(aka, discourse.org). My job was done when you got your first email from your Discourse! :wink:

The email you got when the install was done includes instructions and the password to log in to your droplet. My maintenance packages (that include off-site backups, monitoring, and updates) are described here, though I have a new lower-cost service that I’ll announce soon.


Jay, thank you so much. I did understand that you had completed your work, and was very happy with it. You were great to work with!

I’ll look for your email.


I got an upgrade notice this morning, but after the fiasco on the last upgrade I am wary.
Jay was a rock star and got my site back up and running pronto, but how common is it to have the upgrade completely fail like this and take down a site?

I need to be able to mostly manage the site on my own, I can’t rely on Jay saving my bacon when something glitches.

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