Upgrade fails with "javascripts/explorer-query-result has been removed in Ember 2.0"

Attempting to upgrade Discourse on tests-passed from commit 2ddabc3 failed with this error:

. Compiler said: Error: Assertion Failed: Using `{{controller}}` or any path based on it ('javascripts/explorer-query-result' @ L26:C65) has been removed in Ember 2.0

After that failed, we thought perhaps we need to upgrade all the plugins first based on this post.

We tried updating the discourse-solved plugin from version 9936707 but got the same error.

Has anyone run into this before? Would doing a ./launcher rebuild app solve this?

This looks like data explorer, I believe we recently fixed it


Yep! Looks like that was it… thanks!

After updating the data-explorer plugin (which succeeded), discourse and the other plugins are updating successfully as well.