Upgrading Ember to 2.10

After fixing it I am 99% sure it had nothing to do with the ember upgrade. We just never caught and displayed that error properly. Here’s a fix:



We think we will have master on Ember 2.4 sometime this week. :sweat_smile:


Is Meta still on the Ember branch? I’m curious as I’m still encountering the open topics in new tab not being marked as read issue.

Yes, Meta is running on 2.4, let @eviltrout know the exact repro of the issue.

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Did above: Upgrading Ember to 2.10.


  1. Have unread topics on Latest page.
  2. Open an unread topic in a new tab.
  3. Read the topic completely.
  4. Close the tab to return to Latest page.
  5. Notice that topic is still “black” as if unread.
  6. Try to get topic “grey” by clicking on Discourse logo or Latest link, neither of which cause the topic to show as read.
  7. Refresh the entire site via browser or switch to another Discourse view (like New or Unread) and then go back to fix.

I don’t understand. Sitepoint, which is a few versions behind.

I open an unread topic in a new tab while on the Latest page (check)
I read the urnead topic in the new tab completely (check)
I close the tab, going back to my prior tab (which is still on latest) (check)
Link is still shown as unread and has the blue counter indicator
I clic the Logo/Latest, nothing happens.

I don’t see this as an Ember 2.4 issue unless I’m missing something obvious here.

Ah, okay, my sandbox does allow it to switch to gray/read once you click on the logo or latest (which differs from the experience I get on SP). So you must click on something to get it to change though.


Interesting, I couldn’t (and still can’t) repro this on Stonehearth, and only noticed it on Meta after switching to the Ember branch so I assumed they were related. I could be wrong…

Nah, seems you are not entirely wrong. There is a subtle difference between Ember 2.4 and Beta branch (and Beta branch versus whatever version SP is on).

I updated my post accordingly.


Sorry, I ignored this one at first because I thought I couldn’t see it with my colourblindness :stuck_out_tongue: Turns out I should have looked harder because I just wasn’t reproducing it properly. Here’s a fix:



No worries! Just wanted to ensure if didn’t get forgotten within all the other discussion.


Okay, as of this commit, we are now using Ember 2.4 in master:


It is passing all tests (with some warnings that I can’t remove until I can remove some backwards compatibility) and I have personally tested many of the popular plugins against it. Throughout the rest of the day I will continue to test even more plugins, but please let me know if you encounter any problems after updating and I’ll do my best to fix it quickly.

This update should be considered more risky than usual if you are running many plugins, so keep that in mind when updating.



I tested the Topic Previews Plugin and it didn’t work all that well. Thumbnails don’t display for example. Did you test that plugin @eviltrout ?

We only tested the core plugins that we offer on our standard and business plans for now. We’ll be testing a larger list of plugins used by enterprise sites early next week. If you are curious what the list of plugins is for each hosted tier, visit https://discourse.org/buy

I took a quick look at that plugin today, and it seems there was a bug in discourse master with regards to plugins in raw templates. It’s been fixed here:


I can’t guarantee that plugin works perfectly because I’m not familiar with it, but it looks good to me locally. Also I submitted a PR to silence some warnings in Ember 2.x.


We are up to Ember 2.9 now internally and moving to 2.10 (latest), but @eviltrout says “ah crap I didn’t realize how much glimmer changed partial rendering” so we’ll see :wink:


A little more detail: I have the app running smoothly in 2.10 with the exception of plugins.

{{plugin-outlet}} is going to have to change in a breaking way, but I can minimize the impact.

Besides that I plan on rewriting the voting plugin to use the virtual dom.


Meta is now running on Ember 2.10!

Note that between Brotli support (an additional 20% compression) and more efficient template encoding in Ember 2.10 we’ve reduced payload a fair bit:

ember 2.4
admin: 116k
application: 331k

ember 2.10
admin: 69k
application: 264k

Almost down to 200kb with Brotli factored in – and unless you are on an Apple device, you benefit from Brotli.



Post History and viewing raw email is broken on 2.10


@eviltrout getting desktop topic list on mobile