Upgrading to Paid Discourse Hosting

My company has been using the free version of discourse since July, and we are looking to upgrade to one of the paid versions. WE have made significant changes to the design, and layout of our forum, and want to ensure that all these changes will be carried over when we are ready to upgrade. Will we have any issues transferring our changes? What will this process look like?


Hey Nick, There’s no “free” version or “paid” version of Discourse. There’s only the 100% open source version at GitHub - discourse/discourse: A platform for community discussion. Free, open, simple.. If you’re talking about self-hosting versus Discourse hosting it depends on how you made those significant changes to the design. Were they made via CSS/JS in the admin dashboard, a custom plugin, by modifying files manually, or something else?


Hi @jomaxro,

I was referring to the versions featured here: https://payments.discourse.org/pricing.

All changes were made in the admin dashboard. Here is the forum for reference: https://community.blinkforhome.com/.


Cool – those are our paid hosting plans.

And that’s good news re the dashboard. That means you can download a backup from your existing Discourse instance and we can import that onto a hosted instance for you. Discourse to Discourse migrations are pretty easy and there is minimal downtime.

If you’d like to go ahead, sign up for a trial of the plan that suits your needs and then get in touch. (Note the plugin limitations on hosted plans when making your decision).