WordPress WP Discourse Migration

Hypothetically, can I migrate my WordPress WP Discourse forum to Discourse Standard $100/mo? Thanks.

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Any Discourse forum can be migrated to official hosting, as described on our hosting page.


Thank you very much for your reply :sunny:

Just to be clear. You’re using something like bbpress or some other WordPress forum plugin?

There is no such thing as a wp-discourse plugin forum. With the wp-discourse plugin you have a Discourse site and a WordPress site that are connected together. If you were to move to standard hosting, you’d likely still want the wordpress site.

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Thank you very much for the clarification. Therefore, I need to purchase Discourse Standard $100/mo in order to connect the Discourse forum with my Wordpress site. Right?

Not necessarily. You could self-host but if you’d prefer a hosted plan then yes, the WP integration will work on our Standard plan.