Upload fails silently if it is bigger than max allowed size

I have a few Questions about file upload.

  1. When you upload a file too big (bigger then " max attachment size kb" / " max image size kb") - you dont get a notification about that? I just got a blank field (also on this forum)… Why not info like “file too big”

When you upload a unsupportet file format (thats not on your “authorized extensions” list you get a warning

  1. is it possible to browse and administrate file uploads from the backend? Delete files uploaded to the forum…

Yes. I am able to reproduce. It is a bug :bug:

No need for that. All unused files will get deleted automatically by the scheduled job CleanUpUploads.


Is there a work around?
I have lots of high res game screenshots we want to upload…

What’s wierd is that the images show normally when editing the post but we get this error in the actual post…
Thank you!


@Mr.White you can add that domain to disabled image download domains site setting. So the images from particular domain won’t get downloaded and you won’t see the “image is larger” placeholder. Else you can either increase max image size kb or disable download remote images to local feature totally in your site setting.

It is fixed now.