Uploading HEIC: an error happened when converting from PNG to JPG

I’m getting a 422 error when uploading this HEIC image in my forum:

I just tried it here and the conversion happened correctly:

I’m on the latest version (2.6.0.beta2 aa815e41e7 ) and these are the only plugins I have installed:


Interesting, any thoughts @pmusaraj?


Do you know whether you rebuilt the site via the web UI? It’s possible you need a CLI rebuild so you can pull the latest image, and that latest image is built with HEIC support.


I’ve always upgraded via the admin dashboard in the UI. I thought the end result would be the same :thinking:


The admin dashboard upgrades everything except for the image.


Yes, the HEIC feature depends on an update in the image and the UI update does not update the image. A rebuild from the console should solve the error you are seeing.


Thanks for the help, Penar. I can confirm that it works after rebuilding. :+1:

I’m still not 100% clear on the differences between upgrading via the UI and the CLI. Do you recommend always doing it via the CLI, only on specific releases or only when I find non-working functionality?


Usually, when we have a big update in the base image, we mark that new image as required, and in the UI you get told to update via the CLI. I didn’t trigger that with the HEIC update because it didn’t feel essential enough. In fact, initially, the HEIC conversion feature was not enabled by default.

I think you can keep updating via the UI. Once in a while (about 1-2 times per year), it is good to run the update via CLI, you will be prompted to do that once in a while, anyway.


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