Uploads not sending in Personal Chat with 'Chat Allow Uploads' (in public channels) disabled

A potential bug-> when turning off the ability to upload files to public channels the files uploaded to personal chats aren’t showing on the receiver side.

Once the setting is turned back on everything works as expected…

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I’m not 100% sure what you mean here. Which setting are you disabling exactly?

The setting to allow upload of files in public channels.
Once this is NOT ticked it disables the ability to add files in public channels, but then also files uploaded in personal chats are not received on the user’s end though showing as sent on the sender’s end.

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Oh, now I see it. Scroll fail + brain fart :slight_smile: Let’s give it a test:

  • Disable chat allow uploads (Description: “Allow uploads in public chat channel”)
  • Upload image to Personal Chat (note: adding just the image with no text triggers the minimum character warning, whereas this doesn’t with chat allow uploads enabled)

  • Check from recipient screen:

Yes, it seems I can confirm this. Let’s split this out into its own topic. :+1:


no problem. happy to provide feedback to help this amazing community :slight_smile:


Note: the image also disappears from the sender side after refreshing the page.

Adding this to our list to get sorted out…

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After some discussion, we’ve decided to fix this issue by making it more clear that the existing section does in fact apply to direct messages as well.

We’ll keep listening if folks think there’s a need to have separate settings for public channels vs. direct messages, but for now this seems like a safer route to start with.

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I appreciate that. I think for the sake of moderation it’s better to have a separate option for both.

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We made this change here:


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