Use a form to make a topic

Hi, i have been reading up and down and searched a lot and i am looking for a way to let users fill out like a form with a few set fields and then this will generate a new topic with added text.

The usage will for a personals page almost where each topic will be a personals ad, i have seen other webpags doing this but i am using wordpress now and has just started using Discourse and i see more and more ways to use Discourse rather than slow plugins in wordpress.


Hi Theo,
There isn’t a way to do exactly what you describe, but you should investigate topic templates.


Hi Theo, your idea sounds really interesting, I was thinking about doing something similar in my forum. A form to create a topic would help to standardize our topics, organizing the forum in a way.
Please let me know if you find something that will be useful for you in this terms and I will try to use it here.


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You can use the Custom Wizard Plugin 🧙 to do exactly this. Here’s a look at one I’m currently working on:


Hey @davidkingham, thanks for your reply.

I already installed Custom Wizard Plugin and I am trying to find a step by step to starting creating wizards. I tried creating one for test, but it seems to not be working.


Have you reviewed the guides here? Custom Wizard - Pavilion

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Hi, i am also trying to get it to make topic with a certain text in a certain category, but all i get is a white screen ?

What am i doing wrong

You’ll need to give some more details here. Is there a console error?