Use Delivered-To in email posting feature

(Sam Stickland) #1


How difficult would it be to make the “create new topic by email” feature examine the Delivered-To field as well as the To field? I have a situation where I’m trying to manage a transition from a Mailman list and this feature would be very useful for me.


(Jeff Atwood) #2

I am not familiar with that field, can you describe it in more detail with some examples?

(Michael Downey) #3

Nice example here:

(Sam Stickland) #4

In a mailman list the To header is set to the list address, not the
recipient email of the list subscriber (which is placed in Delivered-To).

(Sam Stickland) #5

So I ended up implementing this myself, by polyfilling Email::Receiver.process()

It’s pretty hacky and quite specific to my use case so I don’t believe it’s worth sharing - as well as looking at Delivered-To and X-Delivered-To it tidies up the email subject line and posts to topics of the same name if they already exist.