Use of Staff colour

(Thomas Ralph ) #1

As you know there is a built in feature called ‘Staff Colour’

What is the proper use of it. Is it for setting an example to others and important announcements? Im just looking for the proper use. As for now my forum uses it for staff setting an example.


(Daniela) #2

In my case (support forum) I use staff color for very important announcements that involve the whole community.

Secondly, to give an official answer in a public topic where two or more team’s members have differing views and a user do not know which of these instructions should follow (very rare, but it happens).

(Jeff Atwood) #3

We will be de-styling this a bit in future versions. The function will remain but it will be less… yellow and obnoxious.

(Travis) #4

We really only break it out when it’s a mod reply that basically says “everyone chill, remember the rules” kind of thing. Very rarely. I’ve also restyled it.

(Sam Saffron) #5

How did you re-style it, screenshot please :blush:

(Daniela) #6

In my case I add a box-shadow and other minor changes but, most important, I add some text to clarify that this kind of posts are official communications that must be read.

(Travis) #7

Just made it our brand color. Here’s a screenshot as well as speaking to the use case that we employ for these staff flagged posts.

(Republic Wireless) #8

We just use the theming to set it as a lighter version of whatever main theme color is in use.

We use it for pointing out important staff actions or reminders of acceptable use.

(Jeff Atwood) #9

It certainly is much nicer when it is the “brand” color!