User administration - historic list of IP addresses

Hi there, I really really like how the user admin section correlates the IP of a user with other users that could be sock puppets. A question first about that feature, when it says “Other accounts with this IP address:” does it refer to those that are currently using that IP, or to those who have used it at some point in the past?

Which brings me to the feature request: As a long-time admin/mod of a large forum with no other moderators, I find it very useful to be able to look at a list of historical IP addresses for a user, at least for the past 24 hours or so. When a situation comes up where I suspect a user is a troll or a spammer or is going rogue or is a commercial shill (common on my forum) I find it very useful to see their IP history. Often they will switch to a VPN or TOR, but they usually have a slip-up that reveals their actual country and shows that they are in the same IP range as another user from the same company. And also it’s very common for most users to alternate back and forth within a 24h period between a residential ISP and a mobile IP, so it’s useful to be able to see that too.

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