User can apply staff tag, staff can't remove

We noticed the following:

  • We set up the tag ‘featured’ as staff only (‘Tags are visible to everyone, but only staff can use them’)
  • Somehow, some users manage to still apply this tag - I’m talking to them to find out what they did to make this happen. I believe this is a bug, but it’s not the point of this report.
  • Messages with the ‘featured’ tag are caught by the system and require approval (which makes sense).
  • When a moderator or staff member goes in and removes the tag, then approves, there’s an error (see video below).

I believe that in the last step, the tag isn’t actually removed - which is what causes the error: if I temporarily make ‘featured’ a public tag again, then go into the approval queue, remove the tag and approve the post, it is saved successfully. However, when I view the post in the topics list, the ‘featured’ tag is still there.

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Added on my list to verify and fix.


Yes, I was able to repro this. Staff were not able to remove tags from queued topics, regardless of staff tags or otherwise. Now fixed via:

I was not able to repro this locally. Feel free to create a new #bug topic once you have repro steps.

Thanks for reporting this issue! :+1: