User Data By Date Rage

I don’t believe this is possible in the admin, so I thought I’d ask here!

I’m looking for engagement data at the user level based on a date range (for all members)

As an example for February 2022:

Days Visited Post Count Post Read Count Time Read
User A 15 100 500 115
User B 10 0 250 48
User C 28 50 10 30

The lifetime data is available in the active user’s dashboard, but id like to be able to get that information based on monthly activity if possible. The sum for the whole community is also available in the dashboard by month, but I’d like to be able to show how specific members’ engagement in the community changes month over month if that makes sense?

I guess I could simply DL the user list at the beginning of each month and compare the data to the previous month, but I’m hoping there is an easier solution :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!


Hi @Chris27
I think you can try Data Explorer Plugin
You can form the needed request and create an url to query results when you need it.

Some query examples

As an alternative - you can try to use Discourse API to get data from admin interface for diferent users. But you will need to research it a little bit.


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