Monthly or weekly engaged users

I love the daily engaged users graph but I think that a monthly or weekly graph would show better community health and increasing participation.
I’d like to show how participation changed over the last year
How can I obtain this data? Explorer plugin?
Any hint?


I’m answering myself, if I increase the date range I obtain a good weekly engaged users graph


For future posterity, if there are useful reports that are missing from the Reports tab let us know and we’ll add them.


Just a few thoughts

  • Monthly engaged users. Is my engagement strategy working well?
  • New contributors. Ok I can see how many of them every single day. How can I calculate last months? Or last year? Are they increasing or not?
  • Trust Level growth - Same here. I’d like to see “trends” not just numbers. If I see +20% last 6 months of TL2 it’s a good trend that I can understand
  • 1-1 interaction excluding admins. How many interactions in the last months between my users?
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