User Directory: Disabling "Sensitive" Columns Globally

Continuing the discussion from New Leaderboard/User Directory Features :tada::

Now that we have this feature, it would be nice if there were a setting to prevent users from viewing certain columns. For example, the “Topics Viewed”, “Posts Read” and “Days Visited” are quite privacy invasive since they’re not things that are public.

That’s exactly what the feature allows. You can disable those columns, and they won’t show up in the table.


Ah! I thought this was something each user could configure. Thanks. Will test it now.

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Epic! This is exactly what I needed. Maybe the description could be changed to explain this is not a user configuration, but rather a global setting.

Thanks a lot for implementing this @markvanlan!

(p.s. moved it to support)

Now the only thing missing is to also be able to remove these sensitive fields from the user’s public profile. Will look into this.

You can easily hide them from the profile, but the data will be available for someone who knows how to look. Removing it from the serializer would require a plugin.

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I guess that makes sense. Thanks for the insight.