User directory only viewable when logged in

I like the user directory page a lot. I don’t particularly like that anyone can pull a list of all of the users, although I appreciate the bot-blocking. In addition to the setting to enable the user directory, I would like to request a setting to have that page only visible to logged-in users. The option of minimum trust-level to see the directory list would be frosting.

Keep up the great work guys…discourse is really beautiful.

Though it’s more of a “leaderboard” than a “directory” :wink:


a leaderboard by any other name would still provide the handles and full names of all users to anyone browsing the site

  • “Juliet’s Discourse”
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A couple things like this have been requested a fair number of times:

  • only allow user profiles to be viewed by logged in users
  • only allow the user directory to be viewed by logged in users

This was made possible using the hide user profiles from public admin setting: :+1:

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