User Fields to validate users

Hi Guys,

We are keen to ensure our users can begin engaging with content on our community as soon as possible after signup, however, we also need to ensure users are also validated.

We are using a ‘user field’ on the signup modal which asks users to enter in their customer account number during signup.

We would like to know if it could be possible to allow all users to access the community but to remain in trust level 0 until our admins have verified whether or not the user has a valid customer account number. The idea is upon validation we will manually award a user membership status or trust level 1 from which they can begin progressing through any subsequent trust levels.

If this is not possible could anyone suggest an alternative approch to this.

Thanks in advance


I think that you would need a plugin for that, but a work around would be to use a custom group.

This is a textbook case for using Single Sign On.

You can integrate your customer registry with the Discourse login, so you can assign custom group membership automatically.