Staging users trust levels with specific engagement

Does anyone know if it’s possible to stipulate that new users reply to specific posts, with say an @name mention, to gain access to the next trust level.

I understand how to change trust levels to require a level of engagement, so can this be whittled down to require users to reply that say, they agree to the terms of use for the forum?

Wouldn’t they be agreeing to the TOS when they created their accounts? Anyways, I don’t think this is currently possible with the default settings, and only achievable by using/creating a plugin.

Take a look at the custom wizard plugin and user fields in admin/customize.

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Thanks for that. Testing now.

Not really. As they don’t get to see the TOS until they access the site. We want to limit the visible content of the site before members agree to specific terms.

Then change the site text for the login page to something like:
By creating this account, you agree to the TOS(Hyperlink public TOS link).

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Good idea! Still looking for a way to make some categories invisible until specific actions are taken, but these suggestions are a great way to start. Thanks