User has no option to change username?

(Rob Meade) #1


I have a user on our hosted solution who has reported not being able to change their username. They have provided a screenshot and there is no edit icon next to their existing username.

Additionally, they have option to delete their account, although I think this may be because they have made posts?

Things we have tried;

  • I have tried elevating their permissions from basic user to member to regular, this made no difference.
  • They created a new github account and a new Discourse account, this worked as expected and a delete option was available.
  • I have tried deactivating the existing account with the issue, with them then re-activating it via the email, this made no difference.

The user is using github authentication. I can provide you with their details if required. We did have a similar issue once before regarding a Twitter user, I think one of you team had a little nose around in the database and cured something… not sure if it’s the same issue though, just feels a bit like it.

Any help would be really appreciated, kind regards :slight_smile:

(cpradio) #2

There are multiple settings in Admin > Settings > Users that you will want to review.

Below are a few
username change period
delete user max post age
delete all posts max

(Rob Meade) #3

Hi @cpradio, thanks for such a prompt response…

Ironically, I have recently reverted from an admin to a moderator - I can’t access those settings now… humpf…

I have had my account only two months longer than the other account in question and I have the ability to change my username, I’m guessing that the username change period is perhaps overridden by being a moderator then?

(Dean Taylor) #4

I believe moderators are allowed to change usernames

(Rob Meade) #5

Hi Dean,

That probably explains why I still have the option then. I fully appreciate I could change theirs, but wanted to get to the bottom of why the user couldn’t - I wasn’t aware of the username change period setting, will see if I can get hold of an admin at our end to check… guess I should have kept my access!

(Jay Pfaffman) #6

Amongst a score of settings you’ll find if you search for “username” is username change period

It’s generally a Bad Idea to change usernames. If it’s changed, previous referrals to that user break. That’s why it’s so short.

(Rob Meade) #7

Thanks for this, I hadn’t considered the linking back via tags and so on - I had explained to the user about familiarity in the community etc but of course, this is a very good reason!

I’ve heard back from one of our admins who also stated it was currently set to 3 days, so this must be what it is then.

I will go back to the user and explain and invariably update their username (they haven’t made very many posts yet, 5 I think).

I can only issue the one “solution” so will pop that against @cpradio, but thanks to all for the replies / info / prompt responses - really appreciated :slight_smile: