Username changeable

Username change period is set to 0 in my forum. Despite this, users are able to change their usernames (a user/moderator has changed his username).

Is there another setting that overrides this? Or are that just the moderators and administrators?


Moderators and Administrators always have the ability to change their usernames. Now that you have set the change period to 0, no one will be able to change their username, unless they are mods or admins.


If you don’t want mods or admins to be able to change their names easily, you can hide the edit pencil with css. They can always find a way to override the css to get it back, but at least it makes them work for it, and many wouldn’t even know where to start.

.username .controls {
    display: none;

The edit pencil for the username field is now hidden

We do this with

[aria-label="Impersonate"] {
    display: none;

because we didn’t want people to be able to impersonate other users.