User ignore feature: webhook and API

It would be excellent if the “User Event” webhook fired when a user chooses to ignore another user, and if the list of users ignored by someone could be updated via the API.

My use case: I’m running a site/browser-based game that uses single-sign on to have a smooth user system with Discourse. It’s possible in the game to block another player, and I want to also ignore that player in the forums on their behalf. Without that, I can only provide messaging to the user that they will need to manually ignore the user on the forum.

Similarly, I’d like forum ignores to fire the User Event webhook so that I can block the player on the game side for them.


This makes sense, a new user ignored should trigger user-updated, as most thing in the profile already do.

Everything in the Discourse UI can be done via the API.

Read How to reverse engineer the Discourse API to learn how and you will find:

curl '' -X PUT --data 'notification_level=ignore&expiring_at=2019-07-11+18%3A00-03%3A00'

This works perfectly, and will help the user experience. Thank you! I hope the webhook side makes its way into the backlog.