Ignore button available for forum users?

(Rose) #1


I have another question.

Is there an ignore button function we can request our forum. Install?

I know of a mute button that stops notifications from a thread.
But is there an ignore or block button where a chatter can be ignored by other users


(Mittineague) #2

If you go to your profile’s Preferences - Notifications you’ll see a text input near

Suppress all notifications from these users.

Similar to the categories and tags Mute inputs, entering member names there will, like it says, suppress all notifications from them.

(Rose) #3

Thankyou. I am not that computer literate

Does this mean I won’t see their posts on different threads?

Or will I still see their posts?

(Mittineague) #4

You will still be able to see their posts, but you will not get any notifications of their posts.

For example, if MutedMember makes a post in Interesting Topic that @ mentions you, you will not get a Notification that they @ mentioned you. But if you later go to Interesting Topic and read it, you can choose to read or not read the post. Muting a member does not remove all evidence of their existence on the forum. In other words, it’s kind of like you can go to them but they won’t go to you.

(Rose) #5


So just to confirm, there is no ignore or block function on these forums?

(Mittineague) #6

Not as in “don’t show me anything to do with this member at all, ever”.

IMHO, if you have a problem with a member that bothers you to the point you want to Mute them, you should Flag the post to let the Moderators know of their behavior.

(Rose) #7


Our mods seem to be suspending anyone with a problem with one chatter., and/or when he is flagged. We are being accused of collaborating in a campaign against him when we flag.

Our old forum we could just ignore these type of chatters,

People are leaving the forum because of it.

Thanks. I can tell people who are wondering why we cant ignore, that there is no ignore function on these new forums.

(Pad Pors) #9

I think you can block or suspend such users in the admin panel (if you’re admin)


if you suspend them, their older posts will be invisible or blur (I guess).

(Kane York) #11

This sounds like your forum has a problem with how the moderation is being run, and unfortunately I can’t directly help you resolve that.

It sounds like a schism is developing. Perhaps you should take steps to recapture the people who are leaving onto a new forum.