User keeps getting reverted to inactive

This morning I activated a user (Activate User) that was suddenly seen as not activated, after years of working just fine:

A few hours later it’s back to staged again. What could cause this?

(Tried via email activation now; but I don’t see any log as to what originally reverted this user to staged)

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Trying to follow, but this is confusing me:

Are you sure you mean staged? Or do you mean not activated?


I did mess up terminology yes. The user got de-activated, not staged. For what it’s worth, it hasn’t happened again (yet?)

Without knowing some additional data about the user, my best guess is that they hadn’t been seen on the site for a year, and are an admin, and as such were automatically deactivated. Does that sound right?


Yep! Only problem is that their api key is used a LOT, just never logged in. That said, thanks, I’ve disabled this option for now.

happend to me this morning. how to disable such behavior?

I need this to be disabled fast. cause ppl signup in my application by discourse api. and the api user is inactive and only used for this.

There’s an option to disable this. Search for inactive.

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The site setting is called invalidate inactive admin email after days and by default is set to 365 days.