User mentioning themselves not getting an email

In our discourse instance (which I am using through APIs), I have been mentioning myself, but not receiving emails (and more importantly, not seeing a row in the notifications table of type 1, which I’m relying on in some custom queries).

I’ve categorized this in support because I could see this as being expected behavior. I’m wondering, if it is expected behavior, if it is configurable. Any help would be appreciated


You are correct. Discourse intentionally excludes notifying a user if they mention their own username in a post. This is not something that is configurable in core Discourse and would only be achievable through a plugin.

Might you be able to achieve what you are looking for by setting yourself a reminder using the user topic timer feature?


Totally understand (the use case for mentioning one’s self is a definitely flimsy, but QA’s gotta QA).

I don’t plan on trying the suggested workaround (our product team agreed to solve their gripe a different way), but hopefully if others do try it they will report back.




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