User Metrics - Some "Likes" Excluded?

Hi Folks,
I was looking at a site’s discourse user metrics (eg. Discourse Meta) and noticed something strange.

In the month of October, a user created a Topic and on that topic received 5 Likes. At some point the Topic was Pinned. User did not create another Topic or Reply for that month.

User’s stats for October show:
1 like received ---- 1 topic created ---- 1 reply posted

Now I’m curious what is going on with stats here. My expectation is to see 5 or 6 likes in “likes received.” 2 explanations that I could think of:

  1. Topics aren’t counted in “Likes Received”
  2. If a moderator or admin edits, moves, or pins the post, the site now views it as his post (bug?) and the Likes are credited to him.

Are either of the above true? If #2, can the original user edit or move the post again to again be credited in user metrics for the Likes?