User Preferences vs Default for home page

This question is similar to the closed topic User preference for default home page, but it’s still not clear to me. I originally set the default home page to Categories, by placing it first in the list. If I now (two months later) change the default to Latest, what will happen? I can see two possibilities:

  1. Everyone who has not explicitly set their User Preferences currently has a null, or empty setting, so they will see the new default setting of Latest.

  2. Everyone’s User Preferences were filled with Categories- the default at signup time- so they will still see Categories. Changing the default now will only affect new users in the future.

Which one is it?

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Until we get a better answer, I can only tell that I think everyone who did not change their settings or whose settings were same as site default, will see their settings changes to new site default (your option 1.).

Because I never touched my settings and used to see Latest but when site default went from Latest to Categories, my personal settings were set to Categories, I had to manually go back to Latest.

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