Default Home Page User Preference breaks suppress_from_homepage setting

The category setting Suppress this category from the homepage. hides categories from the homepage of the site. If a site has Categories as the homepage in site settings, and a user sets their own homepage via user preferences, visiting /categories shows all categories, including those that are suppressed.


On an almost related note, I’ve been wondering whether the user profile setting gets set when the account it created (like other user defaults) or whether it defaults to whatever the global site-setting is. Looking at the user profile, I don’t see a “give me the default” option.

Does top menu no longer control what the default home page is, or does it set that user profile setting from top menu when the site is created?

I believe it has always worked this way, and the setting is mis-named. We assume latest and the intent is only to suppress from latest. @neil would need to rework the code to extend that to categories page (and probably the hybrid categories page as well.)


It defaults to whatever the site default is (that is, it defaults to 0). Once you hit “Save” on the Interface settings page, you can’t go back to that, though.


If “Categories” is the default view, then switching between views is consistent. But if “Latest” is the default view, then the homepage shows all the Categories. It is two very different user experiences based on what my default view is - in my case, seeing a simple, clean homepage with a few categories or looking at about thirty of them. It is also confusing because all of those categories have as their site setting, “suppress from homepage”, yet that general setting is overridden by changing my account’s default view to “latest”.

It would be nice to have a choice saying use site default.

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This was resolved a few months ago by