User profile images loading slowly, failing to load

I usually update Discourse forum via command line.
Can you, please, specify, when avatars and images resizing tasks will be executed - during run of command sudo /var/discourse/launcher bootstrap app or after that - when I executed - sudo /var/discourse/launcher start app and app is running ?

Will this resize task be executed only during update to version 2.2.0.beta7, or it will be executed during updates to all next Discourse releases ?

After the /launcher start app it will run in the background while the app is running.

It’s a one time thing, however we trigger those rebakes whenever something big changes, like when we moved the markdown processor library.

Those are rare events, and we don’t have another one planned.


That sounds good! For any future things like this I wonder if it could be useful to prompt admins w/ a suggestion to beef up server resources temporarily before running.

Not sure what impact this would have, but for a big forum like @bartv’s could temporarily switching to e.g. a Digital Ocean droplet w/ tons more RAM / CPUs make this update process substantially faster?

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After three days (v2.2.0.beta7 +13) there are a lot of missed user profiles (say 5-10% of 3000 users). How to check if it’s still processing something or should I apologize and ask users to upload profile image once again.


Yeah I feel this is the best way for me, what’s the code?

Can you, please, tell me what triggers start of images rebake process ?
I started 1 instance with the latest version of Discourse and during 40 minutes convert command was not started.
ps aux command doesn’t show convert process.

As I understand convert process should do rebake of images.

Something along the lines of:

./launcher enter app
Post.where(baked_version: nil).update_all(baked_version: 2)

But this is not something I am going to support and I strongly recommend you test this on your testing instance first.

Instead I would just reduce rebake old posts count to a number you find acceptable, at 1 you will not notice any impact.


Another reason not to do this is that some future rebake you will want to take advantage of. At some point you’ll likely need to throw more resources to your server.


v2.3.0.beta3 +1

a lot of broken profile images after update to it

Rebuild your container, it should stop


May I ask if avatar regeneration is dependent on rebake of all posts? The reason is that I’d like to leave rebake old posts count on default but speed up avatar regeneration. Thanks in advance!

Which process is in charge of it?