User pictures broken after latest update (v1.5.0.beta5)

After upgrading Discourse the user thumbnails and images are broken.

Are the broken images all letter avatars?

If so, probably the same issue as here: Letter avatars broken in 1.5b5?

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Thanks for the link.
Based on that I have rebuilt the container, but the bug is still there.

Running git pull before rebuilding may be necessary? I haven’t rebuilt the container on my live site yet to pick this up, so not sure. Currently using this workaround:

Everything seems to be fine on my (fully up to date) test site though, so not sure why it’s not working for you.

Ok, rebuilding the container did in fact fix the bug.
My first attempt to rebuild failed because of memory.
After ./launcher cleanup it worked and the user images are back.


I followed the instructions below but the avatar images are still broken. How can I fix the broken images? Thanks!


I can’t get any of the site assets to show up either - all images are broken.