User scores / Reputation plugin

Wow I can’t believe it has been a year, sorry but I’m still working on other projects that take all my time.

If there are developers that want to invest time on this, I can create a repo and upload what I currently have.


Please do, happy to take a glance together with a friend. Would be greatly appreciated! :pray:


We’re looking for something exactly like this. How can we help?

(Actually, we’d like a downvote mechanism as well, not sure which metric to use, though. Warnings received? Ignored by other users?)


Paging @Alex1974, are you still around? Isn’t this exactly what you were looking for as well?


Hello All,

Sorry for being missing for more than a year! it’s crazy how fast time flies.

Here’s the repo of what I have, to be honest is really raw and it’s missing functionality, but it works and it’s being used in other forums as the backend part (front-end is implemented in other customizations)

If you can contribute by adding the code to show the scores in all places where’s needed (user profile, user cards, avatar, etc) feel free to open a PR and I’ll merge it.

Again sorry for going missing for so long, I actually tried to get this completed but TBH don’t have the time atm.



Thank you!

We’re prepared to offer a bounty of $1,000 for completion of this plugin. I’ll write up a more detailed spec of what we’d consider “complete”, but I’m posting this here, now, in the hope that others who also want to see this functionality will consider pooling their resources with us. I.e., chip in a little to increase the bounty, or offer to code.

All code to be made freely available to the community, of course.

Co-owner, Jag-lovers


Thank you @Gunnar, that sounds great!

Looking forward to the detailed spec to see if we can make it happen.



Any progression towards the completion of this plugin after that $1,000 bounty? This could be one of the best plugins in Discourse history.

As much as I can understand, it means that though the plugin will be/is integrated in the back-end of Disco, but at the moment, it won’t show the user-scores anywhere in whole of the Admin or User panel anywhere? Is that so?

Can’t we see the score even with Data Explorer query (currently, i.e. without this plugin, we’ve got to see each stat thru a bit diff method: read time, likes received, given, time spent etc).

That’s right, there is no front-end or visual aspect to this plugin yet.

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