User search: No name, no custom fields?

I’m curious if I’m missing something: Does the user search in admin really only search usernames and email addresses?

We’re using discourse for a closed groups where people use their real names on the name field and we need to search them regularly to remove users that are not longer part of the group. We also added a custom field that’s only visible to admin where they enter a number for clear identification. That also doesn’t seem to be searchable. Is there anything I am missing or is it just intentional that this information can’t be searched for? Seems odd to me.

Thanks for helping

I don’t think those fields are available in the admin interface. I think your best bet is the data explorer plugin. Or perhaps a custom plugin, or some better connection between the system that you’re using to track who should have access with discourse.

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unfortunately that connection is just human.

But thanks for the reply. I need to find some solution for that I guess.