User trust level resets to zero when unlocked

  1. This user was locked to TL3 for quite some time.
  2. Now he got a few flags due to bad behavior, thus I unlocked the TL
  3. The TL goes down to zero and not to the expected TL2.

Latest Discourse version on CDCK SaaS.



Apparently this is just a minor UI glitch. A few minutes later the TL was automatically adjusted to the expected level TL2.


I can repro the issue.

  1. Lock a user trust level (needs to be higher than 0)

  2. Unlock its trust level

  3. Trust level is displayed at 0.

If I display the user trust level using the API, it returns 0.

However, the user is able to do actions that are allowed only for trust level 1, like sending a personal message. It seems that triggering such an action then re-enables the right trust level for the user.

It’s a bit weird, I’ll dig a bit more.

Me too. It happened when I cleaned my TL3s and unlocking dropped them to TL0.

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I’ve investigated the issue.

The trust level is indeed set to 0, even in the database, but it strangely doesn’t affect the user in any way. It continues to see and use the forum accordingly to its original trust level.

As soon as the user does an action (opening a topic, posting a message…), the trust level returns to its initial value in the database and the interface.

It’s unlikely to cause any issues, but I’ve reported the bug to the team nonetheless.

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I think I have this fixed per:

I feel like this may have regressed when we made some fixes around group TL grants.

Not merged yet… but hopefully will be merged soon.

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