User website preference is invalid with underscore

A user on our forums is getting the error “Website is invalid.” when attempting to enter his website on his profile.

The url he is using is:

Perhaps the underscore in the sub-domain is triggering the error?

The version of Discourse that we are currently using is:


It seems this topic might be related:

That’s it. Underscores are not valid characters for hostnames.


But the url works. Perhaps this validation could be overridden by admins if they entered the url?

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Introduce complexity on the URL validation to let some people who wants a invalid domain on their profile? I don’t think this is a good idea.


Well, if that were entirely true, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. :slight_smile:

The best solution, in my arrogant computer geek opinion, would be to point the guy to the above web sites and suggest to the guy that he’s doing it wrong and that if he wants to link to his site he should create a CNAME using a - instead of a _. (You’d probably want to find a nicer way to say that.)


And what about IDNs? The regular expression validating the website url is so strict that I can’t fit in my perfectly valid URL https://ondř

Even using Punycode form of https://ondř is not accepted, even though it is perfectly valid here in this very forum post.


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