User profile page canonical URL is not case normalized

It seems like URL’s to user profiles are not case sensitive.
For instance works just as well as

But the canonical URL in the first variation is not canonicalized into the ‘official’ case of the username, possibly leading to duplicate content issues or the wrong variation being indexed.

So the canonical URL of the first variation is:

<link rel="canonical" href="" />

while it should be

<link rel="canonical" href="" />

leading to the ‘correctly’ spelled variant.


Hmm is this an issue in practice?

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I don’t think it is … but it is kind of odd that we allow:

We should normalize the username to lowercase username and force a redirect for the various obscure mis-cased usages similar to how we normalize topic urls / category urls.

I guess the same normalization should hold for

We already perform normalization using a redirect for and

Low priority but we should clean this up.

Changing this to #feature though cause nothing is really broken, it is just odd and inconsistent.


Sure perhaps @andrei could add to his list? this one seems easy and high reward for low risk?

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I’m adding this to my list with low priority.