UserName changes - History

We get quite a few users who want to change their names - over time. It would be nice if the system automatically kept track of these name changes so that we can remember who that person was before. It might even be something that is shown on the user’s profile so that everyone can see it - though not by default (and not revealed to google / search engine bots).

The name changes are typically because people make a mistake, or realize later that they’d like something different (e.g. from their other screen names that they might use around the web - we’re a medical site, so people realize after that its probably a good idea to have a different screen name that isn’t trackable back to other sites.

Given the rarity of name changes (you can only change your name as a new user for a few days, and even then only if you haven’t posted much as I recall) best to capture this in the Staff Notes plugin, if you feel it is necessary. It seems very site specific to me.


That’s how we do it (and I know we get a few, but still feels rare)

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Sounds cool - I hadn’t heard of the staff notes plugin. Thanks!

Keep in mind that any posts having quotes, mentions, or links with the “?u=” will still have the original membername.

Doing a search for “OriginalName” should help you to find those. Hopefully there won’t be many.