Username on Slack is not transferred correctly in transcript export

Seeing a weird bug (?) with the feature of putting slack conversations on discourse: my username on Slack is not transferred to the quote correctly. Username on slack is @greves, but when posted to discourse, it appears as @<my first name>.

How do I ensure consistency between usernames? Is there a mapping between usernames I can set up? Why is this plugging pulling my username as my first name instead of my Slack handle?


Here’s an example which should be user.profile.display_name or user.profile.display_name_normalized, rather than which is deprecated. All Slaxk related files should be the same.

@david would you accept a PR? (Although looking at the code, there are perhaps more instances of this than I would have guessed, maybe the person who wrote it could change it relatively easily.)


Did you submit a PR for this?

Honestly don’t remember, that was a while ago.

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