Username with space causing problems?

(InvincibleYT) #1

We migrated quite a while ago, now a user has joined again, and wanted to be suspended. I got past it by going to admin --> users. And suspended him. He wants to be unsuspended (I told him he can ask to be unsuspended at any time) but his profile seems private?

this is under admin, so I can punish, etc do everything normaly, what a mod should do. But the public profile doesnt exist? It is “private”?
(picture is posted bellow. Can’t post more than one images at once… too used to being a mod :sweat_smile:)
^^ that’s what happens when I click “public profile”

(InvincibleYT) #2

(Jeff Atwood) #3

Unsuspend is a button on admin options for the profile. I am not sure if it will work from mobile, try on iPad desktop or laptop.

(InvincibleYT) #4

Yes I sadly know that and have unsuspended him, but no one can view his public profile?
I somehow at least want to know why it did that, was it because of the immigration? Or how do I fix it or how does an admin fix it?
Sorry for so many questions, but it’s kinda weird. :slight_smile:

(Jeff Atwood) #5

Perhaps the periods (and spaces) in the username are a problem, I’m not sure that’s allowed.

(InvincibleYT) #6

Yes then that would be a migration problem. I will make a new account with . In it. And if it is necessary I will remove the dot from his name.
The dot is sadly not an issue :confused:

I will try the space…
Yes it’s a space. That’s the issue. Ok, will change it so his profile is viewable again. Well… I can’t change it. But I have questioned the user with the issue, to change it himself.
Thanks for the support! I will come back with any more questions!