404 when changing username then going to user profile

Repro steps:

  1. Change a user’s username.
  2. After successfully changing the username, click on Show Public Profile
  3. It should return a 404 page.

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This is so minor. You’ve changed the username so you’ve changed the route to the page. It’s only possible for a moderator to do this.

Will only check if I can oneline fix it, and consider WONTFIX otherwise.

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What happens for the user when an admin updates their username? Do their links under the user menu to their profile, preferences, etc. break?

I’ve been facing a similar bug in an authentication plugin I’m working on, a refresh is required to fix things for a user when the plugin updates their username.

@joffreyjaffeux if the fix is more involved, I’m happy to submit a PR as I imagine it would fix things in my plugin too