Admin names getting truncated in posts in Win/Firefox

I have two users on Windows 8.1 and Firefox 38.0.5 which are seeing admin names having their ends truncated (as well as the badge being missing).

Here is an example. The screenshot is from my computer (Mac/Safari) showing how its supposed to look and the inset is the user’s screenshot of what they see.

Maybe a Windows 8 thing?
I have Windows 7 and with Firefos 38.0.5 I see codinghorror’s OK (the longest Admin name here)

Can you repro this on Or do you see it anywhere here? Could be specific to your site’s CSS as that looks like CSS truncation to me.

She is not seeing it here. I don’t have any CSS customizations but maybe there is something else in my config. I will play with it to see if I can isolate the problem.

I suspect this is related to Font Awesome problems with Firefox on that user’s machine:

I did a few more tests. I have a test version of the site (running with older site data) on a different computer and it does not exhibit this problem for the user. Since the site configuration is pretty much identical it is surprising - there are more posts and more users etc but the underlying configuration has not changed.

The test version of the site is on a computer running on an older Ubuntu OS, and its an actual machine as opposed to a virtual one. I run a proxy on the actual site but when the user detoured the proxy she still had the problem so its not the proxy. Well, the live Discourse is on beta 10 and the test is beta 11, I doubt that matters but I could check that out. I could also restore a backup of the live site on the test and see if that breaks the test site.

I found that on my localhost upgrading from Ubuntu12 to Ubuntu 14 solved a problem I was having. Maybe that would solve yours too?

Its the opposite problem I am having, the Ubuntu 14 setup is having problems and the Ubuntu 12 setup is fine.