Users are losing Admin role due to SSO

We have the problem in our self-hosted forum at that I and a colleague are always losing the Admin role. Somebody assigns it to me, I assign it to a colleague, and after a while, both of us aren’t Admins anymore.

Anything we can do? Any information I can give you?

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Are there any other admins in your instance? Do you see anything related in AdminLogsStaff Actions?

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Yes, we have three Admins in total. One of them seems to keep his Admin status, but the remaining two seem to lose it regularely.

Had a look at the logs, but nothing points to admins, just the "grant admin"s, where we assigned the Admin role amongst each other. I can share the log with you if you like.

You use SSO, so if the SSO payload has admin=false admin will be removed on next login.


That sounds reasonable. Where can I change that?

If you want to manage admin powers in Discourse only, change the application that lives on Gravit Cloud – Sign in to stop sending the admin attribute.


To check if admin=false is being sent in the SSO payload, enable verbose SSO logging via settings and check your logs at It’s highly likely this is the issue, we’ve seen it on multiple sites in the past.

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