Users can post to forum on PC, but not with mobile

I searched all over to see if there was a prior post, but I didn’t see anything.

Our users on can not post via their mobile devices; only by using a PC. This was just reported today. I have confirmed the behavior with multiple-level users and can’t figure out why it is happening. Any suggestions on where to look for troubleshooting?

Here is a screenshot showing the behavior. The Reply button allows you to click it, but then it stays in the “clicked state”. On PC, the post goes through.

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Hi Chris! I logged in over there and am able to replicate… can you confirm you are on an officially supported install, and updated to latest? Any plugins or theme components you’ve installed recently that might be getting in the way?

If the above doesn’t ring bells, I would try safe mode next. Edit: I just tried safe mode on my phone with everything disabled and was able to post. You will want to work through the three options to try to narrow it down and then try to narrow it down to a specific theme or plugin.


Thanks again. Just figured it out. I disabled the discourse-gifs plugin which I had updated yesterday. That for some reason was causing the issue.


I could repro, and have opened a bug topic here :+1: