Users profile image not showing (letter avatars)

hello im having trouble with users default profile image not showing. Admin IMG_20190215_084206 profile image shows but not users. how can i fix this ?


Please run:

cd /var/discourse
git pull
./launcher rebuild app

Our previous letter avatar system would cache IP addresses for the CDN, this IP changed. We fixed the offending code and back ported to beta and stable.



The root cause is sorted, we can move our CDN as much as we want and letter avatars will continue to work.

Originally there was a proposal to modify our NGINX config here to amend the resolver by @Matt_Campbell however I was worried a lot about amendments to NGINX.

New design uses Ruby to do the proxying of the images (which are super aggressively cached) so the actual functionality is unchanged except that NGINX no longer does the caching so IP caching of CDN is gone.


This seems to remove the ability to plug in external avatar providers like described here since it now hardcodes ?

You can still use external avatar providers. All we did was move the proxy from the nginx config (where it was previously hardcoded to to the rails app.

Other external avatar providers do not get proxied - avatars will be loaded directly from whatever service you choose. For example, on our hosting, we link all letter avatars directly to, without a proxy.


I get it now, thanks for explaining!


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I also have the same issue here, images of some of the respondants are not showing up.

How does this fix work?
cd /var/discourse
git pull
./launcher rebuild app

What should i do exactly?

Thanks in advance


Just run those commands from ssh on your server.


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