Users receive email when awarded certain badges

We want to award badges and want the group of recipients to receive an email when the badge is awarded, can this be set by default for certain badges?



I hope you are not intending to override the user’s email notifications settings in their preferences! As my daily routine includes working through all the Discourse communities I am a member of I do not want any emails from any of those communities. I pick up the award of badges when I next participate, which is at least once a day but typically more often (for example this message was written during my second of the day here at Meta Discourse). Even if I did not visit regularly I would object to getting emails that I had explicitly opted out of receiving.


Hey @glimfeather!

Thanks for sharing your perspective! And yes, I understand your point and it’s very important to keep in mind. However, if there is an option to choose not to receive an email when a badge is awarded then I’d not want to override that but the thing is I tried to look for it and there is no email ever being sent when a badge is awarded nor is this an option that people can opt in or out of. (or is it, for badges?)


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I set up all my Discourse user accounts — including this one here — to never send me emails period. My inbox is cluttered enough without any junk that I can discover by visiting the specific Discourse. Doesn’t matter if it is to tell me I have been awarded a badge or for something more useful I do not want email about it.

All I’m saying is that you must respect user’s preferences and if they have Never as the setting for email then that means NEVER.

As an aside I find the whole badges/cheers/etc idea to be purile and especially so for techincal communities.