What are the rules for the "First Reply By Email" badge?

Hi everyone,

We have approx 80 users who have replied to topics via email but not received their “First Reply By Email” badge.

The badge/script/code is working to some degree as some users are being awarded the badge as recently as yesterday, but others are not and I’m trying to work out what the pattern is.

Does it matter if the user is logged in to the forum at the same time as replying via email?

I read elsewhere that the badge is only issued to a reply on a public topic (so this may account for some of them) but are there any other conditions which must also be met? :thinking:

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Another question to add to my list:

Does their reply have to come From: the same email address to which the topic notification email was sent? :thinking:

I’m wondering if some of those affected users are using a catchall@email.com address, rules-based forwarders, etc.

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The topic needs to be in a public category, and visible (not unlisted.) Also, the badge will not be awarded for responses to personal messages.

The same rules apply as when creating any response via email. If the post has been successfully created on Discourse, then it should be eligible for the badge.


Thanks @simon I shall continue the investigations :+1:t2:

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